Please forward this error screen to 88. MULTIPLE SYSTEM INTEGRATION P A N D A . Panda ail aluminum Windows are designed to meet wooden doors catalogue pdf needs of a wide variety of projects.

From luxury custom homes and condominiums to world class resorts and htels theirsleek European design offers a contemporary lookforthe modem ge. Got laser or 3D printing capability? Would you like to submit a project? The overall dimensions of the box come to 4. The final product is a great example of how multiple techniques can come together in a subtle and elegant design. Special thanks to George Vondriska over at WWGOA for this great project!

Watch the full tutorial at the WWGOA website here, and be sure to send us pictures of your results! This month’s project takes a somewhat blended inspiration from Baroque-period designs, tooled leather work, and skilled chip carvers like Wayne Barton. The result is a distinguished v-carved Mantle Clock that you can use yourself, give to someone or even sell! It is a simple project to do and can easily be completed over a weekend. The v-carve design was created from a scan of my hand drawing imported into VCarve Pro, then manually traced using the drawing tools in the software to create clean vectors for the v-carving. The overall dimensions of the Distingué V-Carve Mantle Clock are approximately: 2. 25″ W x 12″ H x 5.

It was modeled in Aspire 8. This project features a sliding lid disguised as a man’s dress shirt and tie! The 3D shirt relief model was created in Aspire using reference photos of actual dress shirts to guide me. The overall dimensions of the The Man Box are approximately: 8.

The Merry Christmas Sled project makes a delightful accent to your festive holiday decor! The overall dimensions of the Merry Christmas Sled! The Aspire file is available from the Vectric website –  Merry Christmas Sled! This project features four padlock models finished to look like aged metal, then incorporated with a wooden plaque as a truly unique and convenient wall-mounted key hanger for you to enjoy! The padlocks were created in Aspire using reference photos of actual antique padlocks as guides during the modeling process. The padlocks are machined separately from the plaque and are inserted as onlays into shallow pockets for precise positioning on the plaque.

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