Please forward this error screen to 209. They entered the large Victorian house. It was one of the few houses on the street with electricity, even though the rest were occupied by when we were orphans pdf rich.

It was twice as big as the orphanage, much more ornate and opulent. The library they walked into was expansive, furnished in rich woods, filled with expensive furniture, a small fire crackling in the fireplace. An older man, the Judge they were told, was sitting behind the desk. He had slightly graying hair, his face etched with years of work. He looked up when they walked in.

The third child, Bill, was a boy. A tall scraggly boy of about 12, his body currently growing taller before it could fill out, looking like a scarecrow. They all trembled under his gaze, having been dragged from the orphanage where they had grown used to the hard life, but at least left alone and unthreatened. He is one of our cities most prominent citizens. He has agreed to allow you to live here. You should feel privileged to be chosen by him.

As you can see, he has a grand house and you will be taken care of by him. You will be expected to pull your own weight, helping around the house in order to earn your keep. He will not put up with insolent behavior. They had already learned about punishment, the orphanage dealing it out swiftly and painfully. It was not unheard of to be spanked with a hand or more severely with a belt and even a caning for the most serious offenses. They had learned to be invisible, neither earning praise nor punishment all in the name of avoiding punishment.

The Judge looked at the children. Amy was a beautiful girl, her body just beginning to bloom. His imagination could almost make out the tiny breasts pushing out the top, his fingers eager to make her little nipples hard. Grace was still an adolescent, flat-chested, no butt, a little girl. She would be so easy to train, willing to do anything to please, unable to even comprehend what she was being forced to perform. Bill would soon learn the feel of tight ropes tied around his cock, his balls crushed by powerful hands and his anus would soon learn what it felt like to be probed with long, thick objects. The social worker left the children standing there, the Judge looking up from his desk at them.

The house would soon be empty, the kitchen and cleaning staff leaving promptly at seven p. Now with the children around, it was considerably more important. He gave them his stern grin, his other hand reaching down to rub his cock, the thought of punishing them already making him so hard. The children trembled but it wasn’t much worse than the orphanage where punishment was given out in front of all of the others.

They would just have to learn to please the Judge, doing what was necessary to avoid the punishment. Life had always been tough for the children at the orphanage. Yes Sir,” they chimed in unison. You can have some dinner then I will show you to your rooms. He showed them the kitchen, sitting them in a small table to the side of the room.

One of the cooks brought over three plates of food, the plates heaped to the top with a delicious mixture of meat, potatoes, carrots and peas. Curing hunger was a more primal need. Their faces lit up when offered apple pie, the sweet desert making them happy as they gobbled it down. Now to your rooms,” the kitchen staff finished up cleaning, preparing to depart for the night. The lights turned out in the kitchen as they left, the door closing as the cooks went home. There is no one here except for us at night. I expect you to stay in your room.

Each room has its own bathroom including bathtub. This is your room Amy,” opening the door. This room was more spacious, furnished with a large bed, white frilly ruffles on the bedspread, a white dressing table with large mirror, a padded bench in front of it. In the corner of the room was a small table and oversized chair.

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