This health briefing series is collaboratively developed with APA’s Interdivisional Healthcare Committee, a coalition of health-oriented divisions within the association. Reliance on integrated, interprofessional health care teams, which include what is health psychology pdf, enables our evolving health care system to address the physical, psychological and social aspects of health.

Psychologists are the leading researchers developing evidence-based psychological treatments for cancer patients and have specialized training in assessing, monitoring and treating residual neurocognitive impairments. Psychologists can utilize diagnostic measures and interviewing techniques to assess psychosocial distress and body image concerns. The benefits of psychotherapy for reducing many of the risk factors leading to heart disease are well established. A psychologist on a health care team can help improve outcomes when involved in both pre-transplant assessment and care as well as post-transplant care. Psychologists play an integral role in areas of assessment relevant for obese youth, including enhancing physical activity, child and parent motivation and ability to implement lifestyle behavior changes, and social and emotional functioning. Psychologists have the knowledge and training to assist with the prevention of weight problems, adherence to weight-loss programs, and maintenance of healthy weight and lifestyle, which are greatly needed to address the current obesity epidemic.

Psychological interventions, such as cognitive behavioral and self-regulatory therapies, have been shown to be safe, effective and cost-effective treatments for pain. Recent guidelines discourage pharmacological treatment of depression in pregnant and lactating women in favor of psychotherapeutic intervention. A psychologist on a health care team can implement behavioral interventions for patients at risk of pressure ulcers, saving them from lengthy and costlier hospital stays. A psychological assessment performed by a psychologist as part of a health care team can predict surgical outcomes in the case of spinal pain. On a healthcare team, a psychologist can evaluate pediatric behavioral sleep disorders and co-occurring cognitive disorders as well as implement interventions to address these conditions.

Its mission is to advance the science and practice of evidence-based health psychology and behavioral medicine. It also publishes systematic reviews and meta-analyses, critical reviews of significant issues in health psychology and behavioral medicine, methodological guidance and tutorials, and advances in research methods. Health Psychology is open to research across the lifespan, studies of diverse populations in a wide variety of settings, and investigations of the reproducibility or generalizability of research on psychological and behavioral factors in physical health and illness. It publishes empirical work across preclinical, clinical, and public health domains, and across all phases of translational health research. Washington University School of Medicine in St.

Prior to submission, please carefully read and follow the submission guidelines detailed below. Manuscripts that do not conform to the submission guidelines may be returned without review. Editorials, commentaries, scientific statements, and tutorials are by invitation only. Manuscript Submission Portal Submit manuscripts through the Editorial Manager system.

Manuscripts that do not conform to the instructions may be returned. Some institutional spam filters may block emails from our editorial office or from APA Journals. Cover Letter The cover letter should state that the authors have followed Health Psychology’s Instructions for Authors and that all authors have read and approved the paper. It should briefly describe how the paper fits within the journal’s scope and confirm that it has not been published, is not currently under review elsewhere, and does not contain data that are under review or published elsewhere. Manuscripts are limited to 30 pages, and brief reports are limited to 12 pages. Authors may request permission to submit longer papers if there is a clear justification for exceeding the page limit. Nonessential materials should be placed in an online-only supplement rather than in the manuscript.

Title Page The manuscript’s title should be no more than 12 words and should not state an assertion or conclusion. If the paper reports a randomized clinical trial or a meta-analysis, this should be indicated in the title. The title page should list the names of all authors and their institutional affiliations at the time the research was conducted. If an author’s institution has changed since then, provide the current affiliation in an Author Note on the title page.

Papers such as invited commentaries, for which a structured abstract would be inappropriate, should include an unstructured abstract containing a maximum of 250 words. Supply up to five keywords on the line after the abstract. If applicable, provide trial or protocol registration information on the line following the keywords. Informed consent and assent procedures should also be described. Reports should highlight the significance or novel contribution of original research, without overstating its translational, clinical, or public health implications. Statistical methods should be consistent with the guidelines developed by the APA Task Force on Statistical Inference.

Statistical results, tables, and figures should conform to APA Style guidelines. Research Reporting Guidelines Manuscripts should to adhere to current research reporting guidelines. General Considerations Health Psychology publishes work across the entire spectrum of translational research in health psychology and behavioral medicine. The journal emphasizes quantitative research on psychosocial and behavioral aspects of physical health and medical illness, including observational, experimental, and interventional studies pertaining to primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention of medical illnesses. The journal also considers research on psychosocial and behavioral effects of, and responses to, medical illness.

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