I developed into a healthier and stronger runner. Still, it bears mentioning: natural running is vmo activation exercises pdf a brand or specific method, but rather what humans have done for millions of years.

Although this video might appear technical in a few places, the information can be easily learned for all runners. Also included in the video are some simple drills that will help you run natural. Feel free to share this video with others! I want to especially thank all who have helped me on my journey as a runner and teacher. Many are mentioned in the credits. This list is in no way all inclusive as I learn something everyday from runners and colleagues. Natural Running” is encouraging me to get back into enjoy running.

Internal rotation of the femur in stance phase is natural. It is in the absence of adequate hip extension and weak VMO that the “dreaded” valgus occurs. Are the principles the same for walking, either barefoot or shod? What about breathing while walking and arms?

Thank you for the great Video! Should you wear socks with the barefoot shoes? I want to get a pair? What should I start out with?

Gloria, i rarely wear socks but that is a preference. Thin socks are fine and good for cold and blister prevention until skin fully adapted. I have a pair of Injinji painted with Plasidip for some fun cold barefoot type running and this is fun. Mark, thanks a lot for this video. I’ve a acke for 7 days in the left Achille tendon.

The right foot hasn’t got any pain. I know that I’m making a mistake somewhere in the left leg. In which cases the Achille tendon has pain? Where do I have to pay attention? Blaisei have learned a TON from you. Thank you for this excellent video!

That’s about the most clear, succinct explanation of running mechanics that I’ve seen in a long time – Great job! Thanks again, Mark, for a very nice resource. It does get technical and I think the PDF version will be helpful if it has a glossary as well. We will be showing this to our athletes for sure as we try help them become better natural runners.

You’re looking fit and strong, well done again! Jason and keep up the great work in Ireland! It answers many questions for me and has shown me that the way I am running is fairly natural with just a few adjustments. This is an excellent video to watch daily to help improve my form and also to motivate me. Excellent instructional video, especially the drills. Great information for somebody like myself who is trying to learn how to be a more efficient, injury free runner, thanks Mark!

I’m just returning to running after a twenty year absence. Barefoot running technique appeals to me and I’ve been doing some of the drills and strengthening exercises mentioned on this website. Been also doing some deep water running in order to develop and build a proper running form – any suggestions or exercises for deep water running that can help me prepare for running outdoors in the Spring? Ramesh, if you are in the pool make sure your focus on the “push” and not the “lift” of the legs. Drive yourself out of the water with strong push down and back with gluteslike the trampoline drill in the video. Nicely done and covers everything one should know about how to run bare, properly and efficiently. Mark, I am so encouraged when I see websites and videos of such high quality that are obviously based on sound research and years of clinical experience.

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