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Please forward this error screen to 104. This guest post by Andy Dawson gives a preliminary overview of the design focussing on safety systems. APR1400 is taken through the UK GDA process. Two more units are now on course for completion at the same site. The most well known APR1400 site isn’t however in its country of origin. It’s the 4 unit site at Barakah in the UAE.

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2 under construction in the UAE. Toshiba proposal was for a station consisting of three AP1000 units with a total gross generating capacity of approximately 3360MW. APR1400 is not quite so compact as AP1000, although not requiring as much space as the EPRs in build at Hinkley Point C. From this I conclude that a three-unit project would be viable in space terms. However, other constraints point to a two-unit build. It’s technically entirely viable, but as part of the route requires undergrounding and undersea links, I suspect that this may be somewhat unattractive to National Grid.

30-year fuel and operations contract tied to the main build. Gulf, however higher skilled labour is expensive, and logistics problematic. Land for Barakah will be have been virtually free. The best simplifying assumption is to assume broad parity.

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