Painting in watercolour is like an adventurer’s quest, take one path and you will discover brilliant, gem-like colours, another path will lead you into a mire of colourless mud. The difference is knowing how the simple secret to better painting pdf works and how different pigments react when mixed together. This journey of discovery can be one of joy if carried out with a fun outlook and in a structured way.

I hope, that here, beginners will find guidance – away from the mire and muddy path, armed with newly aquired knowledge of well tried and practical techniques. Gradually building up the skills and confidence necessary to create those magical atmospheric results over which the medium of watercolour, reigns supreme, in this realm where colours can glow. USA 916 436 4162 please note the time in Sacramento before dialing. I was acting like a retired senior citizen, which in fact I was and still am. With loads of things to do other, than sitting at a computer.

California is a very relaxing place to live . It has now changed again, the company that hosts this and all my web-sites. Call back soon to see how it’s coming along. These few web-pages, which are based on my watercolour class projects, show most of the watercolour paintings we managed to complete during the last 8 years of classes.

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