Social exclusion can lead people to seek meaning from stories that may not be true – and it could be why many white, working-class people in America voted for President Donald Trump. Researchers have found that social exclusion leads to conspiratorial thinking – and when those with conspiratorial ideas share their beliefs, it can drive away family and friends, triggering even more social exclusion. This can lead them to join conspiracy theory the secret of success eric thomas pdf where they feel welcome and no longer socially isolated, and this further strengthens their beliefs. Attempting to disrupt this cycle might be the best bet for someone interested in counteracting conspiracy theories at a societal level,’ said co-lead author Professor Alin Coman, assistant professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University.

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Otherwise, communities could become more prone to propagating inaccurate and conspiratorial beliefs. The research didn’t focus specifically on Trump supporters, but it took two random samples of people which found that feelings of despair brought on by social exclusion can lead people to seek meaning from miraculous stories which many not necessarily be true. Will we all die THIS YEAR? Did food poisoning kill the Aztecs? For the first part of the study, which will be published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology in March 2017, the researchers recruited 119 participants through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – a crowdsourcing internet marketplace. There were four stages of the study: First, participants were asked to write about a recent unpleasant event that involved a close friend.

They they were asked to rate the degree to which they felt 14 different emotions – including exclusion. They were then asked to complete a questionnaire that had 10 statements and to rank how much they agree or disagree with them using a seven-point scale from absolutely untrue to absolutely true. Some of the statements were ‘I am seeking a purpose or mission for my life’ and ‘I have discovered a satisfying life purpose. The theories were: ‘Pharmaceutical companies withhold cures for financial reasons’, ‘Governments use messages below the level of awareness to influence people’s decisions’ and ‘Events in the Bermuda Triangle constitute evidence of paranormal activity. We chose these particular conspiracy theories for their widespread appeal in the population’ said Professor Coman.

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