A3 thinking is a philosophical approach to problem solving that centers on a well-communicated, team approach to using the PDCA cycle. The tool used to apply this way of thinking is known as the A3 report. The act of working through the A3 report is generally known as the A3 process. The Origin of the A3 Click this cover image the magic of thinking pdf download this term on PDF.

Toyota is widely reported to have been using various forms of the A3 report for decades. It migrated to North America in the 1980’s with the expansion of Toyota’s operations in the region. It started gaining substantial popularity during the first decade of the 2000’s, and is now mainstream within the Lean community. One of the primary reasons for its rise in popularity is the role A3 thinking is said to have played in Toyota’s rise to prominence. While the A3 is but one ingredient in Toyota’s success, it is a substantial one. Its prevalent use by the company’s management team helped the car maker weather both a global economic crisis and a PR nightmare related to a now largely debunked rash of sudden unexplained acceleration.

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What an A3 Report Is The A3 report is a storyboard that follows the PDCA cycle. Background Whether you are a leader or a process owner, a big part of your job will entail problem solving. Taking on problems in a haphazard, random manner is a recipe for inconsistent results. Before diving into the A3 report, though, let’s take a look at what a problem is. That gap develops in one of two ways.

Either the target gets higher, or performance drops. Regardless of how the gap came to pass, the basic problem solving system is the same, even though the specific actions taken to close the gap may vary. Problems with Problem Solving There are three common failure modes that keep people from effectively solving problems. Treating just the surface issue leaves the root cause untouched. It will likely pop out sideways, possibly in a worse way. Without a clear end point, it is impossible to know when to stop working. Furthermore, people won’t agree on whether the project was successful or not.

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