Fed up of keeping yourself entertained by counting the tiles on the sufferfest training plan pdf floor? However, sometimes the weather, the training plan or time constraints mean that thrashing away on the pedals indoors is necessary if you want to enjoy all that outdoors, freedom and adventure come the sunny months. Or maybe you’re just feeling competitive and want to be the first up the mountain on the spring training camp, the first over the finish line or the fastest on the clock.

But there’s now a wide selection of training apps and services to keep you entertained. The key feature of Zwift is that it allows indoor cyclists to join group rides where they can measure themselves against others in the comfort of their own homes. Join a group ride, and if you put more power through the pedals you’ll ride away from people, struggle to hold the watts steady and you could drop off the back. Racing and community Zwift even makes indoor racing possible. KISS’ launched in 2015 is the largest. The results of races are published on Zwiftpower. World Cup events to e-fondo rides which are becoming more and more popular.

The virtual world of Watopia allows riders to tackle all kinds of terrain and surfaces from flat circuits to epic mountain climbs and from smooth tarmac through to gravel roads and cobbles. You can even defy reality and ride through volcanoes! The community however, is really what makes Zwift unique. We are lucky to have a highly engaged community on Zwift and it’s this community that brings the virtual environment to life. Our community runs the majority of events on Zwift including social rides, training rides, races and even fondo events. Indeed it’s largely thanks to our community informally organising these events in game during the early stages of our development that we now have official events pages. FTP, which means no one gets dropped from the group session.

Zwift undoubtedly makes indoor training more fun. What do you need to run Zwift? For more accurate results, you can use a power meter on a standard set up but for the full experience a smart turbo trainer will replicate climbs, descents and the effect of drafting. Best for: focused training and progression Trainer Road offers a wealth of specific training plans that are built around rider’s goals. The plans are written by Trainer Road’s Head Coach Chad Timmerman, who has over 25 years of experience.

XC Olympic, XC marathon, short track XC, cyclocross, gravity and general fitness riders. Trainer Road has over 1000 workouts in its system, if that’s not enough, there’s a workout creator for coaches and riders to use. The core of the product takes cyclists through structured, power based workouts and training plans. To get faster, riders need to work through progressions of different energy systems depending on the time of year.

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