Please forward this sublet agreement uk pdf screen to 77. Please forward this error screen to 188. Assured shorthold tenancy to be used where no deposit is being taken.

This is also to be used where an administration fee is taken. The product is already in the wishlist! To be used where no deposit is being taken. We recommend the fixed term is made for 6 months except student lettings which are different and they will be between a term and a year depending on local customs. See this article for detailed information about the length of the term to give. If a guarantor is to be taken, the attached guarantee agreement must be witnessed. The guidance for completing the agreement and checking it’s suitability is now on our website rather than an additional page built into the tenancy agreement.

If the initial fixed term is to be greater than three years as such an agreement must be made as a deed. If you are taking a deposit. If the tenancy is pursuant to an earlier contract to the same tenants and the earlier contract was made before 15 January 1989. If the tenancy is for the purposes of a business.

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