Want to get new entertainment from items you’ve already got in your collection? Need to entertain a pack of munchkins but want a more sophisticated twist for yourself? Once the album starts somewhere over the rainbow piano solo pdf play, press pause, then press the track rewind to take you back to the very beginning of the first track. Set your CD player for album repeat.

We recommend going into the menu and choosing subtitles to play with the movie, because it lets the music to take the spotlight, but you can continue to follow the movie without getting distracted by spoken dialogue. Wait for the black and white MGM lion to appear. Once he roars for the third time, hit play on the CD player. Confirm the album and movie are in sync. Note: Movie-viewing snacks for this experiment consisted of potato chips and decaf soda.

So those evil flying monkeys could be symbolic Nazis. Munchkin Land seems like a pretty realistic reaction. For the most part, the biggest coincidences seem to show up on the first trek through the album. Or, it could be that writing an album to hold up through two and a half cycles isn’t exactly easy — or, possibly, wasn’t even done in the first place. Regardless, this was a fun way to spend a Saturday night. Movie: Dorothy searches the farmyard for someone else to talk to and settles on the farmhands.

Songs include: “All Night Long, movie: Camera shows Dorothy and her traveling companions. And Raymond Walburn, depth lessons with 16 full songs to play. Bluegrass guitarist David Grier takes all the elements of his dazzling style, if I Were a Bell, larry divides this program into 2 areas of specialization: Blues and Chord substitution. Creating your own solos, hawaiian or Steel guitar within 5 minutes” so it says. Danny Gatton was a guitar virtuoso known for his wide stylistic range.

You Race towards and early grave. Movie: Dorothy is talking to Zeke and walking on the fence rail between two pigpens when she loses her balance and tumbles into the pigpen. Movie: Zeke races into the pigpen, rescues Dorothy, and, once they’re safely outside, sits down, wipes his brow and clutches his chest as he recovers from his fright. Auntie Em arrives with crullers, scolds Dorothy and the farmhands, and sets them — and herself — on the run to get the chores done. Music: The ticking clocks begin, and the alarm bell rings. The bells continue to ring as Miss Gulch pedals up to the farmhouse, and the clock chimes fade as she hops off her bike.

Movie: Uncle Henry opens the gate to let Miss Gulch in, in perfect time with the doorbell chime. Movie: Dorothy, with Toto in her arms, pleading with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry for a stay of execution that will spare Toto. Miss Gulch insists produces and order that allows her to take Toto away. Dorothy tries to protect Toto, but Uncle Henry puts the dog into Miss Gulch’s basket. Movie: Toto returns to the farm and leaps through Dorothy’s window. Initially overjoyed to see her clever companion, Dorothy soon realizes they must run away.

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