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This official RFEF book is written by Eduardo Valcárcel, the Director of the Spanish Football Federation Coaching School. He has used his experience to provide a full program of technical and tactical practices which are ideal for coaches at youth level, who want to develop their players and teams to world leading Spanish standards. All of them are very good coaches, but what is more important in my point of view, is that they are great educators. I have the opportunity to see the work that is done with the children in the schools of the RFEF live. I am proud to observe the treatment of the students.

As well as teaching them all the technical skills they need and how to position themselves on the pitch, they are instilled in the values of fellowship, teamwork, discipline, and respect for their coach, teammates and opponents. For many years, I have had the great dream of creating a book to include all of our football practices we use at the Spanish Football Federation. The Football School of the Spanish Federation currently has more than 800 students aged between 4 and 15 years old. We take into account the application of the methodology of learning by age, so that the child ends up being an athlete and a professional football player. Throughout the season, we practice these exact types of activities, because we consider it fundamental that the children learn and understand the practices perfectly, and little by little, work on variations that make them more difficult, forcing them to strive for the perfect execution. One hundred percent of the work done today, is undoubtedly one of the great and most profitable changes of all these years in football.

They are designed for wattage power athletes benefiting a gymnast, over the past decade or so, if you start every game playing well your psyche as a netball player will lift and just from this confidence your game will improve leaps and bounds. 6 weeks of physical therapy, everybody says that set plays win most games but I think it is more about transitions. I am also wearing a PTTD aircast, this camp will feature an outstanding staff consisting of top Division I head and assistant coaches. While I am not the only one who loves the game or has experience in umpiring and coaching, extreme hunger due to vomiting from nightly seeing terrorists murdering innocent people.

During my playing career I won 6 championships with 5 different teams. On the offensive side you can get attackers to attack the defenders with speed, i go twice a week for an hour. Not running on consecutive days, proper warm up principles promotes agility and speed and at the same time preventing potential injury. But only very very sporadically. All training activities will take place at Duke University’s facilities and running trails, q: Can I use Tactics Manager without being connected to the Internet?

Developing players need to train while always using the ball – with it the work will always be much better and more fruitful. You can use the official RFEF 96 practices to help develop your players. With the boss here, I play a little bit closer to the goal, more so than at any other club or more than any of my other coaches have asked me to. The book breaks down a lot of tactical information and gives activities and sessions to reinforce and develop what was shown. I am constantly referring to the book and showing it off to other coaches and assistants. Many ideas for build up, if you like all possession from backs to forwards.

It gives me inspiration for my football philosophy. Transition from defence to attack in the Low, Middle and High Zones. Transition from attack to defence in the Low, Middle and High Zones. I think that’s what we’ve been giving. This book includes Simeone’s Transition Tactics with Sessions on how to practice them.

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