Campus Locations If you prefer face to face interaction, there’s a good chance we have a campus location near you. If you continue to see this message, please try searching for your zip code project on logistics and supply chain management pdf the box above. Efficiency is critical to the success of any organization. Learn more about strategic supply chain management, new applications, effective information management and tracking through coursework offered in this certificate program.

The Supply Chain Management certificate highlights the important role a supply chain plays in organizational performance and efficiency. Our curriculum is designed to help you prepare for the competitive job market with relevant knowledge and in-demand skills. This program may include the following courses, please check with your Enrollment Representative for more details. This course will provide a brief overview of supply chains and an in-depth perspective on strategic supply chain management. This course focuses on the strategic elements and functional relationships within manufacturing and service supply chains. Emphasis is placed on the integration of strategic planning, sourcing, operations, and logistics to achieve sustainable competitive advantages locally and globally. This course prepares students to strategically plan, implement, and control the efficient and effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from a point-of-origin to a point-of-consumption.

This course also focuses on transportation, inventory management, warehousing, and customer services. This course provides an overview of lean manufacturing practices within a company and its supply chain. It addresses fundamental practices including flowcharting of business processes, collection and analysis of process performance data and the removal of those activities that are determined to be wasteful or non-essential. This course addresses the relationship between supply chain management and procurement. This includes overview of both the procurement process and commodity markets. Students will address procurement from a strategic perspective as well as at the operational level.

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This course concentrates on effective decision making as it relates to financial activities in a business enterprise. Course topics will include financial assets, liabilities, equity, business operations, financial management, and financial statement analysis. Students will have the necessary analytical tools to enhance business operations. This course examines project management roles and environments, the project life cycle, and various techniques of work planning, and control and evaluation to achieve project objectives.

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