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We take full use of the natural power from the Lord. When you have hydro power, you can use it freely and protect the environment. We are the leading supplier of micro hydro power turbines, It is always our best endeavor to supply the right part at right time at right cost. Our expertise and our latest technology are based on experience of many years in the production of micro hydro power. Subscribe to our e-mail list to get our updated info on hydro turbines.

Contact us now for quotation based on your water site. FREE, NO COST, NO OBLIGATION ! How to choose a hydro turbine? Explanation on the size of micro hydro power all sizes. A 100kW system will produce 100 standard units of electricity in one hour.

Micro hydro systems differ from large hydro power since the flows of water required are much smaller. Micro hydro systems have been popular in some less-developed countries for a number of years enabling rural communities to enjoy the benefits of electrification in areas with hydro power potential but without a grid network. New technology, less stringent regulation of grid-connected micro hydro generators and standardised turbine designs are now encouraging more widespread interest in micro hydro in the UK. Fuel-free’ source of power Different to large hydro since environmental impacts of installation are negligible.

Renewable energy source therefore helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and having a net positive impact on the environment. Historic Water Mills Water was once used extensively as a source of motive power in the British Isles. Some estimates put the number of old mill sites in the UK as high as 20,000. Government targets for renewable energy and the development of modern, small-scale turbine units now make re-activation of many of these old sites for electricity generation economically worthwhile. Please visit our other Hydro web pages for further information on estimating your potential, feasibility studies, abstraction licensing, system design and installation.

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Some sites have historical connections with hydropower, or another reputable hydro company may have already completed some feasibility work. For sites like this all of the stages above might not be required, so we can tailor our feasibility services to meet your needs and ensure that work isn’t duplicated. At present micro-hydropower systems are basically scaled-down versions of large-scale systems, and are bespoke designed for a specific site. Our water turbine is based around a polymer moulded rotor and stator unit. The complex geometrical shapes typical of any turbine are ideal for polymer moulding. We can produce a finished turbine rotor or stator relatively quickly, using low-cost materials.

We are working on mating our water turbines to a permanent magnet synchronous generator with power electronic power conditioning. This will enable the turbine to operate as a variable speed machine, optimising efficiency over a wider flow and head range and allowing local power conditioning, such as varying the amount of reactive power generated. Hydro Generation can project manage all stages of construction of a micro hydro installation to make sure that all building work is carried out to specification. Our own engineers can install and commission the hydropower mechanical and electrical hardware. We can also condense the various manufacturer’s instructions into a simpler single document, complete with a structured easy-to-follow maintenance schedule.

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