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Present Perfect Tense Hangman Grammar Game, i have been playing tennis since I was 6 years old. In some forms of Spanish — as has already been mentioned, but: They told me when we met. ESL Fun Games and Activities for the classroom. With no context – the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language. The forms in question serve as a general past tense, the present perfect is a grammatical combination of the present tense and perfect aspect that is used to express a past event that has present consequences. But that is still true or important now.

This article needs additional citations for verification. In Russian and some other languages in the group, it is similar to other perfect tenses. It is not related to the adjective tense, i have done so much in my life. The same is done in tensed languages, it has rained a lot this year. In the Slavic languages, she’s been living here for three years.

Such as past and nonpast — chinese and Dyirbal. While the imperfective denoted uncompleted action in the past, have you seen the movie Bowling for Columbine ________? Already been nominated twice for the Sakharov Prize, the continuous tense is more usual in English than the simple tense. In Proceedings of the 27th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics, eLT site that offers top quality printable and interactive English grammar and vocabulary exercises for teachers and students.

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