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One of the wonders of the internet is its ability to connect people of very different backgrounds and geographic locations. Because of the web, everybody can have access to information that would be otherwise unobtainable. Today we’re going to see a prime example of this. Renato Canova is an Italian coach of considerable fame.

He worked with the Italian national team during the ’90s and helped propel them to success on the world stage, and more recently, he has worked with elite Kenyan and Ethiopian runners. His training has propelled his athletes to become some of the most successful in the world, and athletes under Canova’s guidance have won multiple medals at many international track and road running championships. The training schedules that follow were prepared by Renato Canova for Sylvia Kibet, Silas Kiplagat, Imane Merga, and Thomas Longosiwa, who all competed at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, South Korea. Silas Kiplagat of Kenya is one of the top 1500m runners in the world, with a PR of 3:29.

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