You can download the paper by clicking operations management processes and supply chains 10th edition pdf download button above. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. MIS is one of the key concepts for the today’s organizations.

We mainly focus on the core technologies in modern enterprises and their management strategies and key concepts. This course is not a technology or computer or software course. Instead we focus on the leverage of the information systems, to operate efficiently. Because the role of MIS is critical for many organizations, it has become an exciting career choice that allows you the flexibility to apply the skills you develop through your study of management information systems to a broad range of disciplines. An organization is made up of four key components—technology, data, processes, and people.

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The guiding principle behind this course is that for an enterprise to run efficiently, its information systems need to work efficiently. Modern organizations are simply too complex, with too many people and too much data, for work to be done manually or inefficiently. Course also concentrates on the digital firm and data management concepts. One of the major key concepts in the course is monetizing the technology and data in the new technology age. IT to solve common business problems. Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, Kenneth C. Bu dersin amacı, yüksek lisans programında bulunan derslerde edinilen bilgi birikimini pekiştirmek ve birleştirmektir.

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