Avaya IP Office H323 on office administration manual pdf. Avaya IP Office H323 Installation Manual Avaya ip phone user manual.

IP Phone Avaya IP Office 2410 User Manual Ip office 3. IP Phone Avaya IP OFFICE 3. IP Phone Avaya IP Office 3. IP Phone Avaya IP Office 4. Page 2 While reasonable efforts were made to ensure that the information in this document was complete and accurate at the time of printing, Avaya Inc. Changes and corrections to the information in this document may be incorporated in future releases.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents IP Office IP Phones 1. Page 5: Ip Office Ip Phones Chapter 1. IP Office IP Phones H323 Phone Install IP Office 4. Avaya 3600 Series IP telephones, Avaya IP DECT telephones and Phone Manager Pro PC Softphone are covered by their own separate installation documentation. 4600 Series and 5600 Series phones attempt to load files via HTTPS and then HTTP before falling back to TFTP. Page 9 DHCP to be given addresses on a different subnet than the IP Office.

DHCP for Avaya IP Phones Only The DHCP pools provided by the IP Office can be restricted for use by Avaya IP phones only. The IP Office will then not respond to DHCP request from other devices. 2 Supported Phones This documentation provides installation notes for the following Avaya IP phone supported by IP Office. H323 IP Supported IP Office Core Phones Models Software 1600 Series 1603 Supported on IP Office 4. 1608 1616 3600 Series 3616 Supported on IP Office 2.

Page 11: System Capacity There are a number of situations where the IP Office system needs to provide a voice compression channel in order for an IP phone to make calls. 4 Phone Firmware The firmware in Avaya IP phones is upgradeable and different releases of firmware are made available via the Avaya support website. However H323 IP phones used on an IP Office system must only use the IP Phone software supplied with the IP Office Manager application. 6 Complex Installation The diagram below shows a scenario where more than 5 IP phones are being supported. IP500 IP Office system, the full capacity of up to 272 extensions is supported using the IP Office for DHCP. Power Supplies Each phone requires a power supply.

Avaya IP phones do not draw power from the IP Office. A number of options exist for how power is supplied to the phones. When installing H323 IP phones on an IP Office system, it is assumed by Avaya that a network assessment has been performed. If a support issue is escalated to Avaya, Avaya may request to see the results of the network assessment and may refuse to provide support if a suitable network assessment was not performed.

9 Voice Compression Calls to and from IP devices can require conversion to the audio codec format being used by the IP device. In the IP Office this conversion is done by voice compression channels. These support the common IP audio codecs G711, G723 and G729a. Page 18 Number of IP400 VCM cards. These modules are still supported but are no longer available from Avaya.

47 to 63HZ mains supply. Cables LAN Crossover Cable SAP Code:, multiple ranges of IP addresses can be configured for use by IP Office DHCP. PWR Switch is a Ethernet LAN switch which also provides PoE input for up to 24 devices including H323 IP phones. Unpacking Page 38, 999 and 112 calls must not be barred. A single cable then connects PC and IP Phone to the Ethernet Switch.

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