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President Richard Nixon had claimed executive authority to force the Times to suspend publication of classified information in its possession. By 1971, the United States had been overtly at war with North Vietnam for six years. At this point, 59,000 American soldiers had died and the government was facing widespread dissent from large portions of the American public. In 1967 Secretary of Defense Robert S. Sunday edition, on June 13, 1971.

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By the following Tuesday, the Times received an order to cease further publication from a District Court judge, at the request of the administration. The government sought a restraining order that barred the Times from publishing any further articles based upon the Pentagon Papers. Section 793 of the Espionage Act was cited by Attorney General John N. Mitchell as cause for the United States to bar further publication of stories based upon the Pentagon Papers. Based on this language, Alexander Bickel and Floyd Abrams felt there were three preliminary arguments to raise. First, the wording of the statute was very broad. Was each article about foreign policy one “relating to the national defense”?

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