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The newest version can be found here on Mike Brookes’ site, along with excellent documentation. You need to download and install the basic version, don’t worry about installing all the packages, you don’t need them. Make a note of your location. Yours should be similar if you followed the default installation. Display the contents of system folders. If you prefer not to see your system and hidden folders you can reverse this once complete.

This can be found on Mike Brookes’ site here. If you want this macro to be available to more than one user you will have to do this for each user. There is no need to change the MS Word security settings to enable this macro to work correctly. Hopefully you will see this new toolbar. You can cite more than one paper by just separating the keys by commas.

This will produce the bibliography and automatically change the bibliography keys to reference numbers. You can flip between the two with the key on the toolbar. This can be done by clicking the paintbrush logo. If you installed the Basic MiKTeX package you will only have a small selection of styles. Install, and the latest versions will be downloaded and installed on your computer. You can format your bibliography directly, for example making citation numbers appear as subscript.

If you wish you can change the citation brackets from square to round brackets, this is done using MS Word’s search and replace, though this is best left until you have finished your paper or thesis. Thanks for making these instructions available! If you have a minute, please lend me a hand. You should be able to see the folder then.

Does somebody have clues to resolve this problem ? So, if someone know how to make bibtex4word use personalised citing commands, it would be wonderful ! Many Springer Journal adopt the Natbib style. I installed the Bibtex4Word key last night and linked it with my library. I got the the six icons in Word and I can insert the authors in the place where I want it. However, the step of creating the bibliography makes some troubles. I followed the steps on the website, clicked with the left cursor where I wanted the bibliography link to appear and than clicked the second icon on the left.

Do you get any error messages at all? However, step 8 does not work. James, don’t know if it is important but I am using Miktex 2. You could try checking your macro security settings, but I doubt it is that. I am afraid I can’t think of a solution. Bibtex4Word has really been an answer to my prayers.

I love that I can now use my rather extensive . Is there a work around for this, other than formatting the bibliography by hand? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I can’t think of a way around the subscript issue. There is a way to work around the single latex characters. If you edit the macro by loading the bibtex4word. This section of the macro appears to replace latex commands with symbols.

Thanks for the instructions on this webpage! Do you know the right bibtex style to use with Bibtex4word for this style of referencing, while keeping them in order of citation? I’ve got the same problem as winnie. I took the brave step to try bibtex4word in Word2007. Everything seemed to work perfectly, but it doesn’t want to add the reference list.

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