Structured to meet the needs of our customers globally, Socomore strives for a high level of operational excellence. Socomore is the recommendation for surface preparation and protection products around the world. To participate in the worldwide movement to consolidate suppliers of aerospace approved chemicals. Socomore, always looking for new talent, is constantly striving to improve the quality of our work, and mil p 23377 pdf working environment of our employees.

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Socomore makes the most of our innovative business partnerships, ensuring we continue to meet the current and future needs of our clients. An investment fund dedicated to supporting start-ups and technologies relevant to the Socomore Group. 9741 is a two-part epoxy primer designed for use on aluminum, metal, and prepared composite surfaces. It is also used as a tie coat between scuff-sanded weather worn coatings and new urethane topcoats. Meets Military Performance Requirements of Mil-P-23377.

For maximum corrosion protection and long service life, clean and properly prepare all substrates before priming. If surfaces are untreated aluminum, or special alloys, properly clean and re-prime with either Aeroglaze 9924 or Aeroglaze 9947 wash primers following the instructions below. Remove obvious signs of grease, oils, and fuel residues using wipes pre-saturated with DIESTONE DLS. Clean the entire surface with DIESTONE DLS OR DYSOL DS-108 to remove dust, dirt and other surface contaminants. Use dry SOCOMORE C86 SATWIPES to speed the drying process.

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