Please forward this error loose that man and let him go pdf to 208. Are we supposed to ‘bind and loose’?

The terms bind, rebuke and cast out are used almost interchangeably and refer to some action against the devil. The term loose is a more positive term, and can release blessings or angels – the specific interpretation varies. There is no doubt that the terms bind, loose and rebuke appear in the Bible. There were also cases where Jesus and the apostles rebuked evil spirits. So the words themselves are definitely scriptural. It is just that the way they are put together by modern day pray warriors is not quite the same as in the Bible. Another problem I have with binding and loosing is that it makes God look bad.

The reason people bind and loose is because they feel that if they don’t do it, God can’t bless them. They feel that God’s blessings are being hindered by the devil, so they must bind the devil and loose those blessings. 18:18 Now let’s look at the relevant scriptures. Both these scriptures use the exact same wording – whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven, whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven. The Matthew 16 scripture has no clear context so it is subject to misunderstanding. Binding and loosing refer to exercising discipline to a member who refuses to repent of their sin.

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How did the apostles understand Jesus’ teaching? A good example is Acts 15:20, where they forbade the gentiles from eating foods offered to idols and from fornication, but removed the obligation for them to follow the law of Moses. This is what binding and loosing refer to, and it often pertained to matters of church doctrine and practice. This is very different from the modern Charismatic interpretation. Matthew 12:29 Well what about Matthew 12:29, where Jesus speaks of binding the strongman?

Where does this scripture say WE have to bind the strongman? Jesus was being accused of casting out devils with the help of Beelzebub. Satan with Satan, as the scribes had intimated. His parable of the strongman clearly meant that He was the greater one who bound Satan and that was the reason he was able to cast out demons. He bound the devil, therefore we don’t have to keep binding the devil. Then he will be finally bound literally at the second coming.

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