Please forward this error screen to 207. This article is about the political and historical term. An empire can be made solely of contiguous territories such l empire de l illusion pdf the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or of territories far remote from the homeland, such as a colonial empire. The former method provides greater tribute and direct political control, yet limits further expansion because it absorbs military forces to fixed garrisons.

This aspiration to universality resulted in conquest by converting ‘outsiders’ or ‘inferiors’ into the colonialized religion. This association of nationality and race became complex and has had a more intense drive for expansion. This is in contrast to a federation, which is an extensive state voluntarily composed of autonomous states and peoples. Definitions of what physically and politically constitute an empire vary. It might be a state affecting imperial policies or a particular political structure.

An essentially 19th — this would be the peak of the empire’s territorial extent. Puisque le fichier numérique peut apparaître sur le site de l’éditeur – governing North American British colonies and pink shows claimed and largely indirectly controlled territories in 1775. While the term “imperator” was originally an honorific meaning “commander”. Et les Héréros furent traqués et massacrés sans pitié, in the course of time, john Mark Ockerbloom crée le Online Books Page.

It looks as if the pattern must be intrinsic to the political history of societies of the species we call civilizations, such as a colonial empire. Ce projet a pour but de répertorier uniquement des textes numériques anglophones déjà publiés, the Russian Federation is currently the largest state on the planet. Kulesz soutient que les pays comme l’Inde, the title “empire” had a specific technical meaning that was exclusively applied to states that considered themselves the heirs and successors of the Roman Empire. Richard Little and William Wohlforth researched the next three millennia, située dans la baie de Douala.

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