Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071802151. Social media and other forms of electronic communication are powerful inside out discussion questions pdf which can be of significant value to AIM companies when communicating with a broad range of investors and stakeholders. Whatever the form of public communication, these are subject to the same rules regarding disclosure of regulatory information.

The fact that information released through other outlets may be, or may eventually become publically available, is not a substitute for making a notification under the AIM Rules no later than it is disclosed elsewhere. This includes releasing the information to the media even on an embargoed basis. AIM Rules 10 and 11 are important in ensuring there is equal, fair and timely disclosure of regulatory information to the market and that integrity in the market is maintained. The consequence of not doing so, from an AIM Rules perspective, may be the suspension of an AIM company’s securities from trading pending a compliant notification where there has been unusual share price movement because of an inequality of information in the market. 11, it will investigate and take such disciplinary action as it considers appropriate. An AIM company should, of course, have regard to MAR which is within the remit of the FCA and must be considered separately to its AIM Rules obligations. AIM Rules, and are within the remit of the FCA’s powers relating to market abuse.

AIM companies that make use of social media should consider with their nominated adviser how the dissemination of information is supervised and monitored to ensure compliance with its disclosure obligations under the AIM Rules. In the context of an AIM company’s obligations under AIM Rules 10 and 31, what are its protocols in talking to its nominated adviser in advance of the release of information via social media. An AIM company through its nominated adviser should continue to make London Stock Exchange aware of significant rumours or problems relating to internet discussions, which may impact on the orderly market in the securities. Whether the AIM company is required to make a notification will depend on the particular circumstances.

A mirrors the approach of the FCA set out in their statement published on 25 May 2016. Given this clarification by ESMA, we do not consider it necessary to amend the AIM Rules. We continue to support the use of Listing Rule 9. 1 by AIM companies as a benchmark in relation to the preparation of a preliminary results announcement.

Frequently asked questions for AIM companies and their nominated advisers in respect of MAR and the AIM Rules are now available at this link. MAR is an EU regulation which is directly applicable across all member states. MAR includes disclosure obligations for issuers admitted to trading on regulated markets or MTFs, and accordingly, will apply to AIM. This Inside AIM sets out information to support nominated advisers as they work with their clients to prepare them for the introduction of MAR and consequent changes to the AIM Rules. The contents of this Inside AIM are based on the assumption that the proposals set out in AIM Notice 44 are implemented. We will continue to keep the operation of our rules under review. MAR will also introduce mandatory close period rules.

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