Continued growth in Impact Factors for Springer journals Find out about high impact journals and first time IFs 2016 in your subject or subdiscipline. Use this cloud-based scientific authoring human rights law reviewer pdf that allows seamless collaboration and effortless manuscript submission. Easily track, verify and showcase your peer review activity across the world’s journals.

Impact Factors are a benchmark of a journal’s reputation and reflect how frequently peer-reviewed journals are cited by other researchers in a particular year. The Impact Factor helps to evaluate a journal’s relative importance, especially when compared with others in the same field. The Impact Factor is basically the average number of citations counted in the Impact Factor year Y for articles published in the previous two years. Citable articles are somewhat loosely defined. In general, they include original research articles and review articles. They may also include editorials, if the editorial contains a lengthy reference list.

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Click on your subject of choice to get a full list of Springer journals with an Impact Factor. In addition to the Impact Factor each journal homepage offers detailed information, such as instructions for authors, a direct link to online submission and sign-up for the Table of Contents Alert. Alternative journal metricsA number of journal ranking metrics have emerged over the last years in an effort to broaden the evaluation of scholarly journals. This list is a brief introduction to some of the more popular metrics.

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