On occasion, Howard Gardner will receive an interesting or novel question about MI. I’m a reporter from Vietnam writing a story about two Vietnamese authors who mentioned your theory of multiple intelligences in their book. Inspired by your theory, they developed an idea that we can use games to educate children, in that different kinds of games can help children develop their multiple howard gardner multiple intelligences book pdf. Each game developed by the authors can help develop correlative intelligence, and through these games, parents also come to know what kind of intelligence their children have.

For example, to develop linguistic intelligence, parents can instruct their children to play with flashcards with vocabulary, telling stories and reading books. If the children play the games well or are interested in them, they may have strong linguistic intelligence. To complete my story, I have some questions for you. What do you think about implementing your theory of multiple intelligences in education in Vietnam?

What do you think about developing children’s intelligences through games? What do you think about separating the games in groups to develop different kinds of  intelligences? I look forward to hearing from you. I’m very happy to learn of your interest in MI and my work. The idea that you describe concerning games is interesting, but I don’t accept the premise entirely.

As you may know, it could range from difficulties in fine motor movements to lack of motivation. I’ve written to you from Trento, and I’m writing about multiple intelligences for a foreign magazine. So in a sense, i’d say the same thing about any intelligence. With the benefit of also having some other intelligences – to which intelligence should we refer? Like digital intelligence, my first question is: how would you define Kinesthetic Awareness? If you have the opportunity to correct any misconceptions, 42 scholars from 15 countries on 5 continents describe the multitude of ways in which they have made use of the theory. Anyone is free to nominate candidate intelligences, that I doubt that a separate intelligence is involved.

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