Initially released in 2001 in Japan as the Zoomer, the NPS50 made it to the USA and Canada for the 2003 model year under the Ruckus name. After a couple slow years, the Ruckus became a strong seller for Honda and has been a popular scooter in North America since 2005. It remains on sale as of 2017. Over its run, the rugged Ruckus received very few changes aside from honda forza service manual pdf offerings.

As a result, 2006 and newer Ruckus’s are a few mph faster and they dodge a potentially catastrophic engine problem. The Ruckus utilizes a long case version of Honda’s GET2 engine. The motor is also found in the Metropolitan, but with a shorter swing arm to suit that scooters smaller back wheel. The GET2 engine is an impressive modern design. It’s also extremely quiet and the fuel economy is amazing.

You can expect an honest 85-100mpg while driving around at full throttle. This motor also features a number of technological advances. This is the first scooter engine to mount a tiny radiator on the side of the motor and use a flywheel mounted fan to blow air on it. This design is very efficient, compact and elegant compared to scooters with coolant hoses running all over the place to a randomly located radiator. Secondly, the Ruckus cleverly runs electrical current in reverse through the alternator to start the motor. In any cold engine, some gas fumes slip past the cold piston rings and need to be vented, but the vent system in the 2003-2005 Ruckus’s didn’t work so hot, so the fumes would stick around and degrade the oil.

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The Ruckus holds a soft spot in my heart because this is the scooter that got me into the scene. I picked up a new black 2003 Ruckus in spring 2004 and rode it everywhere. I rode it year round for the two years which was a difficult feat in Canadian winters. Largely as a result of that winter driving, I decided to sell my slightly rusty Ruckus and get a new white 2006 one. How is the rest of the scooter?

Well there are a lot of things to love and a few things to complain about. The great parts of the Ruckus are its brilliantly designed engine, rugged and timeless style and Honda quality. The main downsides are the lack of the enclosed storage space and lack of options to spruce up this performance of this engine. Another upside to the Ruckus is the awesome handling due to its super low center of gravity. By using a horizontal motor and by locating the fuel tank inside the floorboard instead of under the seat, Honda kept all the weight very close to the ground.

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