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Provide sufficient space for use, access, and passage around the equipment. Page 4: Important Safety Information For Users If you feel pain or abnormal symptoms, stop exercising immediately and consult your physician. Keep head, limbs, fingers, and hair clear of all moving parts while the equipment is in use. Keep hands clear of racking pegs. Page 5: Table Of Contents Assembling the Equipment 7 Assembly Tips 7 Assembling the Weight Stack 11 Bolting the FTS Glide to the Floor . 15 Adjusting the Cable and Selector Stem . Page 6: Before You Begin Before You Begin Thank you for purchasing the FTS Glide.

Some parts have extra holes that you will not use. Use only those holes indicated in the instructions and illustrations. Page 8: Obtaining Service You can generally find the serial number printed on a label affixed to the side of the FTS Glide. For future reference, write the serial numbers, model numbers, and dates of purchase for your Precor strength training equipment in the space provided. Page 10 Important: To keep each cross brace aligned properly and the fasteners intact, Figure 4: Cross brace attachment to second main upright do not lean on or apply pressure to either cross brace. Page 11 Note: You may need a stepladder to install the pull-up bar.

Important: Make sure to position this bar correctly to avoid injury during use. Page 12 Figure 9: Tighten all eight cross brace fasteners 3. Attach the two handles or an ankle strap to the end of the cable using a spring clip. Page 13: Assembling The Weight Stack 2. Use the 6 mm hex key to remove the two buttonhead screws, three washers, and one locknut that secure the guide rod bracket to the main upright.

Page 14 Ask your assistant to hold the top weight assembly and guide rods while you install the weights. Page 15 Figure 19: Selector stem and top weight assembly replacement 7. Ask your assistant to hold the guide rods while you check the cables to make sure they are centered between the guide rods. Remove any twists in the cables. Page 16 Important: Before attaching the weight labels, wash your hands to remove dirt and grease.

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