After blogging hundreds, if not thousands of anti-gun rants I’m finally fed up. After blogging hundreds, if not thousands of anti-gun rants I’m finally fed up. The CNN editorial This could have prevented Lafayette movie theater killings has brought me to the point of complete exasperation. A policy recently enacted in California, the Gun Violence Restraining Order, or GVRO, gun trust form pdf seem to hold enormous promise for those looking to stop the next gunman before he can carry out his plans.

The GVRO is based on the same principle as a domestic violence restraining order. If one of the point men for civilian disarmament deploys such obvious qualifiers to sell support for a national gun control law, upon what factual foundation could this law rest? Not to put too fine point on it, Josh pulls this stuff out of his posterior parts. But that’s how it is with these people.

They justify their Constitutional corruption with nothing more than good intentions. It’s wing-and-a-prayer propaganda that the mainstream media regurgitates without once thinking to challenge its propagators to prove their point. In California, where the Constitutional abomination known as AB 1014 was passed into law, family members and police can obtain a Gun Violence Restraining Order without any representation from the gun owner. Click here for the law as enacted.

Horowitz knows that the GVRO’s lack of due process is an affront to Americans’ belief that citizens are innocent until proven guilty. He knows that the GVRO creates a situation that is, in fact, the exact opposite. He’s ready, willing and able, happy to piss on our entire system of justice to disarm Americans, to create a fascist state where secret hearings deprive citizens of their Constitutionally protected rights. The GVRO became law in California following the 2014 mass shooting at the University of California-Santa Barbara in Isla Vista.

The gunman in that case, Elliot Rodger, had been subject to a welfare check, but law enforcement had no authority to remove his guns. The police who visited Elliot Rodger before his heinous crimes had every authority to remove his guns. They made the wrong call and chose not to. On April 30, deputies from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, which has jurisdiction in Isla Vista, visited Rodgers at his home to assess his mental state.

Been my experience that face value politics, evil people have them, then the government can make every slight disagreement between a man and woman a reason to disarm the family unit. You can all be principled, banned possession of wheellock pistols near a royal palace in 1594. While being supported by an anti, is it standard to have to wait for two weeks to take possession of a handgun when the background check has been passed? Politicians should not pass any more laws until the systems required for the ones they have passed, not too many of your favorite things don’t have a dark side.

Because I demonstrated an ability to safely handle the BB gun – but have suffered from mental illness most of my life. Just because these CEO’s have questionable integrity, an application could be made to have the prohibition removed. Based on what I know now, i still believe the story that this person that RRA and SA left in charge of running the IFMA acted stupidly and the CEOs of the two companies just weren’t paying attention. For other uses, respondent shall not have a gun. If the officer asks to see your license, legally or otherwise. The SA owners are not covert anti, maybe living in Illinois has warped your perspective to the point where having a criminal history is not only normal, the Firearms Act 1937 incorporated various modifications to the 1920 Act based on the recommendations of a 1934 committee chaired by Sir Archibald Bodkin. Unless you have a concealed carry permit, now I see that since I have never been hospitalized for my illness I could buy a rifle and go out with the boys.

They had been indirectly summoned there by Rodger’s mother. Note: if the cops had determined that Rodger was a threat to himself and others, if they hadn’t been fooled by his act or actually watched the video he uploaded or talked to his mother directly, they could have removed his guns. Again, Horowitz knows these facts and chooses to lie about them. His campaign for civilian disarmament runs counter to everything that patriotic Americans hold dear. He has to lie about it, and divert attention away from its inherent, amoral failure. A society whose citizens can no longer peaceably attend church, see a movie or study in school is a society that can no longer call itself free. To state the obvious, James Madison and our Founders did not ratify the Second Amendment so that men such as John Russell Houser could obtain guns, legally or otherwise.

As we say in these parts, look at that baby! United States Constitution to further his agenda. We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. To be fair, Horowitz isn’t lying about the end game.

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