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Hi friends, if you have desire to become an Air warrior for our Air Force, then this post is specially for you. Here I have given the details about this PABT. PABT are the combination of written and machine tests. This type of PABT is followed throughout the world by all nations to choose pilot or air warriors for their nation. The way of this varies for various nations.

What is the aim of PABT? This is specially designed by DRDO scientists mainly, is to find the candidate’s ability, presence of mind, control of his limbs and nerves, fast response, judging power. Its overall aim is to find our attitude and mind set potential by nature to become a pilot. Why they are conducting this PABT especially for Pilot branch? The above qualities are very much necessary for a candidate before training at Air Force Academies to mould them as a successful pilot during.

Why it is allowed to attend this only once in the life time? The candidates are allowed to attend the PABT only once in their life time. Since as per the results of various wars, it is said that a person who don’t have their natural attitude, personality and ability to become a pilot cannot be trained well as a successful pilot. So only the candidates are allowed only once, to show their skill to become pilot.

During the assessment, The Air Force Officer explains to the candidate about the procedure, rules, how to handle and read those machines. He explains very slowly and ensures that every candidate has understood about the procedure. Also he asks the candidates two to three times to clear their doubts before allowing them to the assessment part. NOTE: – At this time we should clear our doubts and observe keenly about every instrument and its procedures. If we want to learn a four wheeler first, we are given training to read the speedometer readings, fuel meter readings and engine heat readings.

Since these are all the basics to know the status of the car while driving. Like this we should be familiar with the instrument reading while operating a plane. So there is a assessment called as Instrument Reading at PABT. Also, after finishing this basic instrument reading at car, we start to drive the car. At this time we tend to learn the gear operations how to handle the clutch, the brake, and  the accelerator of the car. For this we are making lot of practice to drive it correctly in road.

For this in PABT, we are assessed on how we are controlling the instruments by checking our attitude for flying. To evaluate this attitude and controlling ability, the candidates are ordered to undergo the LCT and DT. Friends, I hope that you all understood well about the motive of PABT. The aim of this assessment is to find the ability of the candidate to read different instruments in short span of time. The images of different instruments with different readings are given in a paper. The number of questions given here are 60 and time given to answer all these are only 20 minutes. The magnetic compass is used to find the direction at which we are.

We may see these types of instruments in our school, college physics labs. This is used in most of the vehicles such as trains, four wheelers, air planes and ships. So this is important instrument to measure the directions. In real the compass needle usually points towards the north and south direction. In question paper, they show the images at different directions, it may of north, south, east, west,  north east,  south east,  north west and south west.

So be clear in choosing your answer. The Artificial Horizon is an instrument which is used to find the altitude of the plane at both right and left wings of it. It is measured from 0 to 90 degree left and 0 to 90 degree to the right. Just imagine the protractor which we used for our mathematical geometry in our school days. The altimeter is used to find the altitude of the plane at which it is flying. It is usually measured from sea level.

There are three needles in this. The smaller one indicates the height in 10000 of feet, middle needle indicates the height in 1000 of feet and the larger one indicates the height in 100 of feet. The height is measured in feet, meters or yards. This instrument is used to find, where the aircraft is turning. The below image describes about the instrument view. If the plane moves left means, this white ended needle will move to right and if the plane moves to right means, this white ended needle will move to left. This instrument is used to find the flying position of the Air Craft.

If the plane goes up while taking off from the run way means, the needle goes up in the meter and it goes down if the air craft is going to land on run way. The air speed indicator is used to find the speed of the air craft. Usually the speed is measured in kilometers or miles per hour. This speed is called as  I.

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