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In fact, my next Blog Post will include tips for Land Contract Holders on this very issue. If a land contract is written up between the buyer and seller, then notarized does that hold up, or should a lawyer be involved? Also, if you do a land contract, can the owner come back and take the house anytime they want? It is always a good idea to use a competent real estate attorney when drafting a land contract. I have seen people make costly mistakes that may have been avoided if they had used an attorney in the first place. Questions — If you have any further questions about selling property on a Land Contract, please Click to Email Allan Daniels or call 248-335-6166. I am selling my house under a land contract and wanted to find a way to do an amortization schedule with a balloon payment that will allow ajustments for extra payments made.

Hi Frances: Please feel free to call me at 248-335-6166, and I can discuss this with you. There is a great software program that is very inexpensive, or you can do it manually. Hi Charle: I would be happy to discuss this with you, but the software choice will definitely depend upon your needs and your budget. Please feel free to send me a message or call me at 248-335-6166 to discuss this further. In a legal contract, is there a stipulation in regard to the death of the buyer and their heirs?

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You’ll definitely want to talk to your attorney about a about writing a will or estate plan. Please also note that most Land Contracts contain a clause such as this: Interpretation of Contract: The pronouns and relative words herein used are written in the masculine and singular. If, however, more than one person joins in the execution hereof as Seller or Purchaser, or either party be of the feminine sex or a corporation, such words shall be read as if written in plural, feminine or neuter, respectively. Please feel free to call me at 248-335-6166 if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything. We bought a home for my son and grandchildren, but it is in our name until it is payed off. Could we do a land contract so his name could also be on it for tax purposes.

And if so what all would be involved. Hi Sherry: Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to call me at 248-335-6166 if you have further questions or wish to discuss anything. Does the bank have the right to call back the loan? If so, what is generally written in the contract to protect both parties if this occurs?

Hi Josh: Thank you for your comment. Would you mind elaborating on your question and explaining how the bank loan is involved in a seller financed transaction? Alternatively, please feel free to call me at 248-335-6166 if you have further questions or wish to discuss anything. If I buy a property on a land contract directly from the seller, how is interest paid reported to the IRS? Do I need to send the seller and the IRS a 1099-INT for the interest the seller is receiving as income and that I am deducting for my taxes? Hi Adam: Thank you for your comment. Please check with your tax advisor for advice applicable to your specific situation.

As always, please feel free to call me at 248-335-6166 if you have further questions or wish to discuss anything. I am a buyer in the process of buying a home on a land contract. 10,000 balloon payment at the end. The question I have is what amount do we base the monthly payment and amortization schedule off of? Thanks for anyone’s help in answering this question!

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