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Basel Museum for Natural History and Basel City Archives. Ideally architecture is not about fixing activities, fluxes or programs, or worse, about solving spatial problems. On the contrary, it is about opening up possibilities: the potential of a site, the hidden opportunity of a particular situation in time, of a programmatic conflict. It is about dealing with uncertainty, about enabling different and unforeseen scenarios. In that sense architecture and urbanism are not opposed disciplines with different outcomes, but similar mediators, on different scales and in different degrees of complexity, with the same goal of enabling life. The basis for architecture in our way of working is to carry out a meticulous scanning of a brief, a program or a context. Context not just as that what physically surrounds a project, but the larger field of social, economic, political, administrative and also technical issues, all on an equal level.

This activity of accurate and systematic reading leads to a matrix of knowledge that frames any architectural decision. The scanning raises new questions, opens up unexplored fields, reveals hidden opportunities, or brings together so-called incompatibilities. Through this working method all projects are rooted in their context, but as context has a visible and a hidden part, they often surpass their physical context and they sometimes completely transform it. This explorative approach leads to a working method, not a style. Instead, style is restrictive to exploration. Our approach saves us from dogmatic thinking, from an all too narrow agenda, from the architectural one-liner. Currently there are no open positions.

The new volumes are radially arranged around the existing cask-hall. On a site along the canal in Beersel near Brussels, the Drie Fonteinen brewery consists of a an existing cask hall that will be expanded with a new brewery and connected craft and production programs. Maison des MédiasA new media district will be created on the former national television site at the border of the city of Brussels. Nowadays this site is somehow isolated from the rest of the neighbourhood, mainly because of the road infrastructure all around it. The new Media House, a combination of small institutions, start-ups, educational program and the tv channel BX1, is situated on the border of the media district site.

It therefore has the potential to become the first hot spot and link between the city and the campus. The building functions as an open public platform inserted in the sloping ground, connecting the level of the Boulevard Reyers to the media campus on the other side, 2,50 meters below. The main entrance, the restaurant and the auditorium help animating the public space of the immediate surroundings and on the covered plaza, where several activities can take place during day and night. The building is fully glazed, showing the animation happening on the inside. For technical reasons, the tv studios don’t require any openings to the outside. This part of the program is positioned in a black box on the top floors, creating a strong identity for the building.

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