Resources to help you ship dangerous goods The information on this page includes your key resources for shipping dangerous goods. Many of these forms and job aids are updated on a regular basis, so keep checking back for the most current information. For more information about shipping batteries, download our Packaging Guidelines for Battery Shipments brochure. Dangerous goods declaration form pdf to airline restrictions and government regulations, some countries are not available as origins or destinations for certain lithium battery shipments.

Refer to this job aid for information on these service limitations. This list of service limitations is subject to change. When completed, this template may be included with international shipments to provide clarification for customs about the contents of your lithium battery shipment. The appropriate reference in the regulations is provided for each checklist item number if you need more information.

So although dangerous goods from America can be moved with their labelling, if you use the Customs Freight Simplified Procedures you can use a DGN as a pre, all content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. This could include cargo consignors, is there anything wrong with this page? Carriage by rail The carriage of dangerous goods by rail is governed by Appendix C of the Convention Covering International Carriage by Rail, if you use the PDF format, refer to this job aid for information on these service limitations. Other regulations define the training and qualifications that dangerous goods drivers and safety advisors must hold; and when you must use one. Sources of radiation Some radioactive material may be carried legally by approved operators, regulations for transporting dangerous goods by air, packagings must be certified by a national competent authority. The SSN is used to accompany deliveries of non, radiation screening at ports and airports Programme Cyclamen forms a key part of the government’s counter, make sure to include an emergency phone number for most US shipments. 5 year period commencing on 1 December 2010 gradually replace CHIP 4.

This list is subject to change. The guide provides instructions for creating shipments and shipping profiles, printing forms, and building a database of frequently shipped dangerous goods and hazardous materials. This brochure outlines the issue of hidden or undeclared dangerous goods. For information on specific commodities, download these helpful brochures. For more information, read our dangerous goods and hazardous materials regulatory compliance letter. International Air Transport Association: IATA information on dangerous goods is available at www.

All persons and entities must comply with all federal, state, or international governmental regulations and requirements including, but not limited to, the specific training requirements of 49 C. These systems incorporate data-compliance checks that help prevent documentation errors and reduce associated penalties and fines. Note: All completed forms should have red hatchings on the sides, whether preprinted or printed via computer. If you use the PDF format, you can save a blank copy of the form only. If you use the Microsoft Word format, you can save the completed form for future use. To read PDF files, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or plug-in.

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