Contact Larry or Debbie or Our Store or ring the store at 972. If that doesn’t answer it, give us a shout. Its customs law manual 2015 16 pdf does away with the troublesome rubber shower trap and shower valve and helps to correct an uphill issue on 2008 and later models. Read all about it here: We don’t need no stinkin’ P trap.

Note: This product is standard equipment on all 2015 and later Casitas. We’ve done all the shopping and gathering for you in this complete Fast Gray Kit. This is the same collection of parts I carry when I crawl under one to tame the gray! Some, but not all, will experience a gain in capacity as well. Every tank drains at a different rate but all will experience significant reduction in dump time. After this mod, most drain in less than three minutes. All Casitas with combined black and gray drain systems will benefit from this modification in spite of rumors to the contrary.

Kits include all parts necessary including the pipe. Be sure to let us know the year model as some early 17’s require that we have a bit of conversation before we ship. Let us know if you just need some individual parts and we’ll try to help. So we’ve come up with a kit that includes all the parts and complete instructions to do it the same way we’ve successfully done it on hundreds of Casitas. 2″ pipe tap to cut threads into the tank and PVC T.

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The sizes listed are NOT a typo. 2″ pipe is measured as the inside diameter. If you can’t access this tool, you could always drive by your local plumbers shop after you’ve drilled the holes and have it done. It takes less than 5 minutes to tap the threads by hand. It’s available at your local athletic shoe store and will stick to all types of rubber and plastic.

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