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Oregon CNA testing is provided by Headmaster Testing Service. The examination is administered in several locations around the state. You will be tested individually in a clinical setting. You will be given five skills to perform and the necessary supplies and equipment.

Actors serve as clients for this portion of the exam. You will be observed and rated by a Registered Nurse using objective criteria. You should notify the OSBN prior to testing if you require special accommodation due to a disability. Special note: Oral examinations are available. Oral exams are comprised of questions read aloud on a pre-recorded tape. Applicants respond in writing on the answer sheet provided. A small portion of the exam consists of reading comprehension.

Candidates must be able to read and respond to these questions without the tape or other assistance. The Candidate Handbook for Oregon is available on the Headmaster website. Schedule an exam date through your nursing assistant program instructor. Ask your instructor is this option is available to you. If you apply to the OSBN directly, refer to the application packet for details on scheduling your exam.

You will receive a letter from the testing service notifying you of the date, time and place for the exam before the exam date. It is not realistic for you to work any shift on the day of the exam. It is not advisable for you to work the night before or the evening of the exam. Test results are scored by an independent testing service.

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Results will be mailed to you in approximately 10 days after the test. If you pass, you will receive an Oregon CNA certificate. If you do not pass, you will receive notification about which skills or areas need improvement. Click for a list of CNA 2 training programs.

Pass the OSBN-approved Medication Aide Competency Examination. The required curriculum for medication aides includes subjects related to medication administration. Medication aide programs are available in several areas—click for a list of training programs. Click to schedule a CMA examination.

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