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Omar Bongo was promoted to key positions as a young official under Gabon’s first President Léon M’ba in the 1960s, before being elected Vice-President in his own right in 1966. In 1967, he succeeded M’ba to become the second Gabon President, upon the latter’s death. 1990, when, faced with public pressure, he was forced to introduce multi-party politics into Gabon. Bongo was criticized for in effect having worked for himself, his family and local elites and not for Gabon and its people. After Bongo’s death in June 2009, his son Ali Bongo—who had long been assigned key ministerial responsibilities by his father—was elected to succeed him in August 2009.

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After Gabon’s independence in 1960, Albert-Bernard Bongo began his political career, gradually rising through a succession of positions under President Léon M’ba. On 24 September 1965, he was appointed as Presidential Representative and placed in charge of defense and coordination. He was then appointed Minister of Information and Tourism, initially on an interim basis, then formally holding the position in August 1966. Bongo became President on 2 December 1967, following the death of M’ba four days earlier, and was installed by de Gaulle and influential French leaders. Opposition to President Bongo’s regime first appeared in the late 1970s, as economic difficulties became more acute for the Gabonese. This moderate opposition group sponsored demonstrations by students and academic staff at the Universite Omar Bongo in Libreville in December 1981, when the university was temporarily closed. Despite these pressures, Omar Bongo remained committed to one-party rule.

PDG, which then presented a single list of candidates. The candidates were ratified by popular vote on 3 March 1985. In November 1986 Bongo was re-elected by 99. On 22 May 1990, after strikes, riots and unrest, the PDG central committee and the National Assembly approved constitutional amendments to facilitate the transition to a multi-party system. The existing presidential mandate, effective through 1994, was to be respected.

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