The movie Back to the Future is still in the theaters and for the life of you, you can’t fathom why Coca Cola would dare to change their formula. It’s bbs le mans gutachten pdf to fire up a computer and see if there is an electronic mail from friends and catch up on local rumors, but it isn’t a Windows machine.

Some of you just took a small trip down memory lane. This was the dawn of “pre-Internet” electronic communication. Want to take a trip a bit further? Yes, you can go home again. I’ll also teach you how to build your own microcontroller based “mini computer” to dial BBS systems over the Internet. No, there are hundreds of them all over the world which you can connect to without tying up a phone or running up a long distance bill.

Put on your Parachute Pants and your Members Only Jacket, we’re going back in time. The Pocket Mini Computer kit has everything required to do this project and more, but there are schematics on the next page for those who want to “roll their own” Propeller microcontroller mini computer. The Pocket Mini Computer is microcontroller based microcomputer. The Pocket Mini Computer is programmed in “COLOR” BASIC. COLOR BASIC is similar to the BASIC found on common microcomputers of the 80’s and early 90’s. It is also capable of running non-basic binary files and being programmed in C and Spin. PMC allows you to explore micro computing with a machine which: Can be successfully assembled in an evening.

Can play games and run programs. The Pocket Mini Computer was originally sold by Gadget Gangster. When the high demand for the product created shortages and backorders, the product was redesigned to be sold by Propellerpowered, the original designer of the product. You can obtain this kit from Propellerpowered. If you using the Pocket Mini Computer Kit, the BASIC will come pre-installed and should boot up immediately after assembly. F11 to send it to your Propeller using Propeller Tool.

While downloading, grab a copy of Color Basic Language Reference. PDF, there’s a lot more this project will do. If at some point you get stuck drop into the Pocket Mini Computer forums and ask questions! In the 80’s, you could find many magazines that had BASIC listings you had to type in to make the program work. At least for the this first example. Once you’ve got your Pocket Mini Computer configured and running with COLOR BASIC, it’s time to type in a terminal program! Got the entire program typed in?

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