This article needs additional citations for verification. Knightfall” is a 1993-1994 Batman story arc published batman knightfall download pdf DC Comics.

The story takes place over approximately six months. Knightfall” resulted in long-term ramifications for the Batman continuity, as Batman’s trust from the police, the public, and fellow superheroes had to be rebuilt, due to Azrael’s violence. Additionally, Wayne realizes the peril and burden of attempting to work in solitude, leading to the eventual creation of the modern incarnation of the Batman family. The entire “Knightfall” storyline took over a year to complete in the comic book serials.

In later years, the comics were reprinted several times, though never in full, as the Knightquest: The Search arc had not been collected until the second omnibus edition in 2017. The initial idea for the character of Azrael stemmed from a two-part story idea pitched by Detective Comics writer Peter Milligan circa 1991, as he was leaving that position. The serial stories of the monthly Batman comics titles began slowly building toward the “Knightfall” arc several months prior, in conjunction with the publication of the Sword of Azrael miniseries and Vengeance of Bane one-shot which also laid foundation for the larger story. Knightfall” ran from April to October 1993, Batman issues 492 through 500 and Detective Comics issues 659 through 666, with the two titles sharing a single narrative during this time. The massive story was quickly collected into two volumes of trade paperbacks. Volume one was subtitled Broken Bat and the second Who Rules the Night.

Knightfall” was immediately followed by “Knightquest” in the monthly serials. The stories were not treated as crossovers and the Batman titles continued as they had before “Knightfall” where the creative teams each pursued its own storyline. The intent of the writers was to counter the then-popular style of violent heroes in comics, and demonstrate that the traditional Batman made for a better hero. The two characters were quickly added to the cast in the monthly Batman titles, with Azrael being a superhero-in-training who fights alongside Batman, while Bane was introduced as a supervillain. Gotham’s underworld and assaulting a police station, with Bruce’s fatigue continuing to worsen.

At the conclusion of this story, Bane and his henchman are shown monitoring Batman’s performance. Bane begins a series of encounters letting Batman know of his presence and his intentions. In the following issues, Bane interferes with encounters pitting villains Killer Croc and Riddler against Batman, and, to test Batman’s limits, goes so far as to inject Riddler with the Venom drug. The plot of “Knightfall” begins with the master criminal Bane freeing all of the maximum-security inmates of Arkham Asylum, a notorious psychiatric facility in Gotham City. Over the next few issues, Batman becomes weaker and weaker as each criminal is put away. After his defeat, Bruce Wayne enlists the aid of Dr.

At 960 pages, who is posing as Ra’s al Ghul’s henchman Ubu. In the following issues, paul falls aflame into the Gotham River. Along with Robin and Nightwing, bane makes his first appearance in Year Five of the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series. Bruce passes the mantle of Batman to Grayson so he can re, featuring a new cover by artist Kelley Jones. Bane appeared in numerous Elseworlds including Batman: Nosferatu as a low, who is now allied with Ra’s al Ghul. But the three survive. This issue was included in the original trade paperback edition “Broken Bat”, he decides that he will let Bane go to Blackgate Prison.

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