Please basic sinhala grammar pdf this error screen to 74. Technical Terms in Sinhala – mainly for Computer science, nanotechnology and quantum physics, chemistry and biology.

A simple scheme for writing Sinhala words with a standard English key board. The sinhala words given at this website in English characters have not yet been systematically converted to this e2s-map format. Technical Tems in Sinhala, Mainly for Computer Science, Nanotechnology and Quantum Physics. Hence it is important to ensure that wrong usages and inappropriate forms do not get entrenched. Users are invited to send in their corrections, comments and suggestions to:   chandre.

Latin source words which mean “needle, sharpness”, a sense still retained in French. We render the Singhalese as “thiunuva” “thiunuthaava” etc. Niravadithva” could be used as a non-technical informal equivalent. In quantum physics ACTION is a dynamical quantity similar to “work”, evaluated as a path integral connecting the initial and endpoint of the path. Active-matrix is a technology used in flat-panel and other displays. Matrix is a system made up of columns and rows.

An actual process is is something which corresponds to data excternal to the computer. 8 array is made up of real numbers of 8-bit words. A real image appears as a bright object on a screen. A virtual memory is an additional amount of memory that may be available to a computer user during run time.

A virtual image is not captured on a screen. This is where a file or signal is sent. This is similar to the “postal address”. Alternative energy sources are needed to complement the current supply”, is typical usgage. Translating this as “”vikalpa” is unfortunately very common.

Vikalpa” connotes a negatative or disruptive idea. The usage “alternative energy source”, or “alternative chemical pathway” or “alternative X” implies a “supplementary X” or a “secondary X”. We suggest “anuthara X”, or even “amathara X” where suitable. Anuthara” is etymologically the closest to “Alternative”. Analog”, in the sense of being similar. In sinhala “Sama-aethi means symmetrically placed. The word “Vaela” is used for”line.

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