This article is about bandaging techniques red cross pdf medical device. For the bandage used for minor cuts, see Adhesive bandage. This article does not cite any sources. Tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix, ca.

Bandages are also used in martial arts to prevent dislocated joints. The double-spica bandage used on thigh injuries in ancient Greece. A bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical device such as a dressing or splint, or on its own to provide support to or to restrict the movement of a part of the body. When used with a dressing, the dressing is applied directly on a wound, and a bandage used to hold the dressing in place. Bandages are available in a wide range of types, from generic cloth strips to specialized shaped bandages designed for a specific limb or part of the body. Bandages can often be improvised as the situation demands, using clothing, blankets or other material. The most common type of bandage is the gauze bandage, a simple woven strip of material, or a woven strip of material with a Telfa absorbent barrier to prevent adhering to wounds.

A gauze bandage can come in any number of widths and lengths, and can be used for almost any bandage application, including holding a dressing in place. The United States Pharmacopeia lists it as a form in which Absorbent Gauze may be provided. It is prepared from type 1 Absorbent gauze in various widths and lengths. The term ‘compression bandage’ describes a wide variety of bandages with many different applications.

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Short stretch compression bandages are good for protecting wounds on one’s hands, especially on one’s fingers. This type of bandage is capable of shortening around the limb after application and is therefore not exerting ever-increasing pressure during inactivity. This dynamic is called resting pressure and is considered safe and comfortable for long-term treatment. Long stretch compression bandages have long stretch properties, meaning their high compressive power can be easily adjusted. However, they also have a very high resting pressure and must be removed at night or if the patient is in a resting position. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with bandaged foot.

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