Please update this article to reflect recent aws 2.4 2012 pdf download or newly available information. The AWS band uses microwave frequencies in several segments: from 1695 to 2200 MHz.

The service is intended to be used by mobile devices such as wireless phones for mobile voice, data, and messaging services. Most manufacturers of smartphone mobile handsets provide versions of their phones that include radios that can communicate using the AWS spectrum. The Frequency band covered by the Advanced Wireless Services bands. 1710 to 1755 MHz for uplink, and from 2110 to 2155 MHz for downlink.

Though initially limited, device support for AWS has steadily improved the longer the frequency has been in general use, with most high-end and many mid-range handsets supporting it over HSPA, LTE, or both. In 2013 they regulated the AWS-3 Block, covering bands 1695-1710 MHz, 1755-1780 MHz and 2155-2180 MHz. In 2012 there was a proposal regarding the AWS-4 Block, which regulated use of 2000-2020 MHz and 2180-2200 MHz. In Canada, Industry Canada held the auction for AWS spectrum in 2008.

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AWS spectrum in every province, and began offering voice and data services on December 16, 2009. Its Saskatchewan and Manitoba spectrum was later sold off to Sasktel and MTS, respectively. Mobilicity also used the AWS spectrum and began offering services in May 2010, operating in similar areas as Wind but with a smaller network footprint. Its AWS network was combined with Rogers when the latter company acquired Mobilicity in 2015. Quebecor licensed AWS spectrum throughout the province of Quebec and began offering service with its Vidéotron Mobile brand on September 9, 2010. Shaw Communications licensed AWS spectrum in western Canada and northern Ontario, began to build some infrastructure for providing wireless phone service, but subsequently decided to cancel further development and did not launch this service. The licenses were eventually sold to Rogers, with some transferred to Wind.

In the United States, the service is administered by the Federal Communications Commission. The following mobile network operators are known to use AWS. Indicated in the list are the launch dates and city. Vidéotron Mobile — September 9, 2010 in Montreal and Québec City, QC. Eastlink Wireless — Feb 2013 in Halifax, NS.

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