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Want to combine your traditional art skills with cutting-edge creative technology? A computer games artist creates a game’s characters, assets, environments, creatures and vehicles, as well as producing concept art and storyboards at the planning stages. What is included in your tuition fee? Computer Games Art Kyeron received the Brittan scholarship to help support him through his studies at Teesside. Computer Games Art I heard Teesside was the best place to study games and after seeing some student work I made it my first choice. Computer Games Art Chris works as a junior LEGO model technical artist for Traveller’s Tales. Selina Peart-Pearson who is heading to San Francisco.

Computer games art student Selina Peart-Pearson is off to America after securing a place at a global event – come to our Open Day this weekend to find out more about opportunities to broaden your own horizons. Animation and Visual Effects students from the School of Computing had the opportunity to exhibit their work at Double Negative’s London studios this summer. Note: this course is for Year 0, Year 1 and Year 2 entry only in 2018. We currently operate a different structure for entry to the final year. The appeal of games has also broadened with the increasing popularity of exercise and educational releases. Smartphone apps are also another growth area. You develop your design and drawing styles, essential for the creative development of interesting and innovative visual solutions.

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You are guided through a range of techniques and encouraged to push your ideas and designs in alternative directions, expanding your creative thinking and developing your ideas in new ways. You gain an historical and contextual overview of the history of art, animation, film and games. Aimed at technical, arts, games and animation students, this module equips you with an introductory level of understanding in the context of your chosen field of study. Through a series of lectures and seminars, you engage in research and discussion based on your chosen areas of art, animation and game history. In this module you gain confidence in creating rudimentary images using traditional tools such as pencil and charcoal. The teaching enables you to develop your drawing technique and approach, and helps you produce images that effectively communicate simple ideas.

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