A tale of two cities text pdf Gross is just starting first grade — but he’s already way behind. He doesn’t even know what a book is for.

Across the country, schools are struggling with their most basic job: teaching kids to read. Thirty-six percent of all fourth graders read below the “basic” level, meaning they can’t understand a simple story, or they can barely read at all. What does it really take to turn our schools around? In this PBS special, Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman is the narrator of A Tale of Two Schools, a one-hour documentary that tells the intimate story of a tumultuous year at two vulnerable schools. It’s a tale of hope, of faith, and of the power of committed adults to help shape the life of a child. Superintendent Reggie Barnes, though, thinks otherwise.

Reading is just one of many critical needs at Bearden. Barnes has built a health clinic, new classrooms and a badly needed playground. Now, after years of struggle, things are looking up. 100 million to help the weakest schools in his home state. But Bearden is behind in training its teachers in the reading curriculum and late in buying desperately needed books.

Kids stream in from housing projects in the shadow of an interstate highway. We have children at Walton who don’t know the alphabet,” says Vanessa Kemp, the lead reading teacher. They don’t know how to open up a book. Kemp and the staff at Walton have been focused on reading instruction for five years — and the results have been dramatic. Historically, Walton was one of the worst schools in Texas, but now it’s striving for an “exemplary” rating — the highest grade a school can earn.

Yet even now, nothing happens automatically. Every year, a first grader like Tavares Gross shows there is a new group of kids who desperately need help. Nationwide Bearden and Walton are hardly alone. Around the country, in all income groups and ethnicities, children are having trouble learning to read. The stakes are high: kids who read poorly are at high risk for depression, delinquency and substance abuse. Reading is the gateway skill,” says Phyllis Hunter, who led a major reform effort in Houston.

I call it ‘the new civil right’ because children can’t access their other rights unless they can read and read well. Bearden and Walton have both embraced reading reform, but they are at very different stages of the process. At Walton, a committed principal, dedicated teachers and a unified teaching approach have begun to deliver dramatic results. At Bearden, the changes have just begun, and it’s clear that money alone is not the answer. To learn more about the show and the people involved, visit the companion website to A Tale of Two Schools.

Free discussion guides You can download free discussion guides that accompany the A Tale of Two Schools program. These include a parents’ discussion guide, a teachers’ discussion guide, and a community guide. Reviews and comments A Tale of Two Schools is the winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Award and the Unity Award in Media. A Tale of Two Schools is must-see TV for parents concerned about the way reading is being taught to their kids. A Tale of Two Schools simultaneously demystifies and humanizes the teaching of reading. And at the same time it stirs viewers to marvel that effective help has been so long in coming to students like Tavares and Kathleena.

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