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You’re about to witness some of the most amazing content marketing efforts in the world. The universe of content marketing is changing, and these brands are driving that change. When it comes to innovation, power, and masterful expertise, these are the ones to watch. But why should you watch them? So you can learn and imitate. There is still room for innovation in your industry.

You may not have the massive audience of, say, IBM, but that’s no reason why you can’t take their innovative ideas and transfer them into your own vertical. As you read through this list of the paragons of content marketing, take one or two ideas and put them into practice in your content marketing efforts today. Technical and authoritative expertise How did IBM become such a respected voice in its field? Part of the reason is its long, rich history. To uphold the reputation of a more-than-130-year-old company, it has to produce authoritative content. Because the company is a technical one, it has to ensure that the content is technically authoritative.

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And because the company is trusted by millions, it has to make sure that the content is at expert level. It’s a huge company, so it has a lot of different blogs. IBM works in a variety of industries, and its content reflects these broad areas. Much of its content is collected in a library of resources.

These include analyst papers, education, training, case studies, data sheets, executive briefs, FAQs, systems red books, white papers, consultant reports, and just about any other technical documentation you might want. All of IBM’s content reinforces these themes: It’s technical. If you want to create a content campaign that will compete with the biggest brands in the industry, take a page from IBM’s playbook. And it deals with technical information in a masterful way.

Popular appeal How do you make a popular product even more popular? You let it ride the coattails of something wildly successful. This value proposition could potentially reach a huge audience. Hootsuite knows that its audience consists of people who enjoy Game of Thrones. That’s why a video like Hootsuite’s could garner nearly a million views within a few months.

Although a lot of Hootsuite’s blog content deals with important topics, it does what it can to make it entertaining, too. Part of the genius of great content is its ability to have popular appeal. Although your brand or product may be technical and specialized, you can still write content with which your audience will identify on a popular level. Don’t be serious all the time. Create some fun, light content now and then. Social promotion Buffer does a lot of things right. The top three of the last 12 months each averaged 2,289 words and 22 images.

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